Featured Favourite: Chiara Bautista

I fell immediately in love with Chiara Bautista‘s artwork since I saw it featured on Beautiful Bizarre and I thought it was the work of a female twentysomething. Well, I was right about the female part. In this interview I learned that the artist is already in her thirties which came as a surprise to me because of the bizarre characters and topics being discussed (love, lust, etc.). I’m not saying that people in their 30s can’t discuss these particular topics in their artwork but the fusion of the weird characters and their slice of life adventures that radiates angst reminded me of friends that suffer from anxiety and frustration. That and the youthful strokes of the lines and details.

No matter her age, I believe Ms. Bautista is slowly gaining a legion of followers as I see everyone sharing and liking her images and I’m definitely excited to see more from her in the future.


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