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Since my semester is about to end, I think I’ll share this rather bizarre and definitely unforgettable experience. I am a biology major so we are definitely required to dissect animals — frogs most especially. In this picture, we decapitated a live frog to study its central and peripheral nervous system. We did experiments like rubbing vinegar on its skin (and study the effects on its cutaneous respiration) and poking its eye whether it still reacts voluntarily.

I know we need to dissect animals in order for us to easily identify each organ, and each system and provide us with a greater understanding of the body and the world, in general but when I was younger, especially back in high school, I would refuse any form of mutilation or dissection in animals and would end up crying in the laboratory. I was a Creationist back then so I hated everything that biologists do in order publish their study: dissecting, separating young animals from parent animals, etc. Then I realized, if we do not do this dissection, how do we know? How do we gain knowledge? What do we teach the kids? I only realized the answer in college where I was exposed to an all new philosophy and a greater source of knowledge.

So to cut the story short, we appreciate more things in life if we know more about the things around us and in order to gain knowledge, we should study the objective situations and material conditions of the world.

P.S. Sorry, I know the picture is gross. 🙂


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