Spelled With A K

reading this again for reasons! Anca is a great writer and she deserves a Palanca!! *good luck with your Palanca piece*


I met her because of you. Sometimes I can’t help but think, was it you? I have to bite my finger every time I say it was fate. We never believed in all that crap. We used to pride ourselves for being of the rational kind.


I met her at the cemetery—an unlikely place for friendship, romance or anything of that sort.

There I was, minding my own business. I brought you sunflowers, the kind you liked. In a pot, like you said. You never did grasp the idea of picking flowers, pulling them from their roots and letting them die. Neither did I.

She was wearing boots and a trench coat. Pretty ridiculous in tropical weather, come to think of it. She dodged a glance at your candle and asked for a light. I took the matchbox from my pocket and gave it to her. She took the…

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