Culture Trip: Kulintang

Long vacations give lots of opportunities to learn something new. Rediscovering ethnic/traditional culture would be a perfect way to spend some bandwidth and can help in understanding a way of life different from the conventional one. Kulintang is an instrument that consists of gongs of different sizes usually used when performing during ritual rites, weddings, and other ceremonies. It is most commonly found on the neigbouring islands of the Malay archipelago. Below is a video of UP Tugma performing an ensemble of music from the tribes of Mindanao.

The first piece is called “Tidtu Panganay” from the people of Maguindanao which showcases the skills of the one who plays the kulintang. According to the video description, the dance movements are that of Silat — a Southeast Asian martial art.

Next is “Kapmatalabimban” of the Maranao followed by “Sinulog a Kangungudan”, again of the Maguindanao tribe (music expressing sadness and grief) performed along with the fingernail dance or “Pangalay” of the Tausug.

Lastly, the group performed “Luntang” by the Yakan people and accompanied by the “Mangalay”. It is often performed to keep farmers awake and scare the birds off their rice fields.


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