It Has Been A Great Year!!

Yes I know, this post is a bit late; but hey, it’s still January so I just want to share the things that happened to me — in which I am terribly grateful for — this previous year.

First on my list is the is about passing the goddamned Plant Taxonomy subject. I have been taking that course four times and of course it is about time that I move on to higher subjects. Taxonomy is really interesting: you get to learn the differences between plants and you get to discover that they have a distinguishing traits and characteristics. At the same time, it is tiring. You have field work twice a week. Of course the latter part is the most common excuse of Forestry students.

Second, I am thankful for the chance to visit and experience living in Brgy. Maunlad, Real, Quezon only if for a day. I posted my experience here and as I have stated before it was really an eye opener scientifically and socially.

Last but not the least, I met a lot of cool people this year. Professors who challenged, pissed, and inspired me. Also, I was very lucky to encounter interesting people as classmates who’ll never back out from a discourse and would handle my sarcasm well.

Here’s to a productive 2015. My undergraduate journey is about to end after a year and a half. Bangs out!

P.S. My organization is also productive this year. Visit us at Karma Koletib and say hi.



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