I am not one to believe in aliens but I do welcome the possibility of another life form that co-exists with us here in the universe. But, some people are using the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” in explaining archaeological masterpieces and history, which, not only does it sound crazy, but also misleading. I believe this theory also promotes Western supremacy as it states that ancient tribes/civilizations such as the Tiwanaku and the Nasca are not capable of creating wonders such as the Puma Punku and the Nasca Lines. They judge a “civilization” through alphabets that are similar to the modern world which everyone knows is not the case especially when the conventional alphabet back then was in pictograph form. Also, I’d like to point out that the believers of this theory also introduces “pseudo science” in which they would manipulate and blatantly change or invent evidences to fit their hypotheses.

It is insulting to the scholars and professionals who dedicate their life in studying these ancient artifacts and languages to be faced with such claims of alien technology without further material proof and is based on hearsay. What is more insulting is that a TV station who is supposedly focused on featuring historical documentaries is airing this kind of show (although I must admit their effort to make their claims look scientific is both hilarious and entertaining).

“Ancient Aliens Debunked” features episodes from the hit History Channel show “Ancient Aliens” and, well, debunking their claims on Ancient Astronaut Theory by setting out studies and experimentations done by experts in the fields of archaeology and the languages. I think it is very noble of the creator to provide people with this kind of documentary for free and continues to challenge the viewer to be critical and skeptical.


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