Stop Yulin Festival


I’m not one of those ultra animal rights activists, yet amidst of all the campaigns I’m working on I need to lend a hand in stopping the Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Festival in Yulin, Guangxi in China. According to their tradition, eating dog meat wards off the winter chill. Now, it is scientifically proven that dog meat is warm and people living in cooler climates eat them but my issue here is the inhumane treatment for these animals (and they look like they’re enjoying it). One can always do it the easy and less painful way, if the need of tradition will pursue: electrocution.

Tradition has always been one to stagnate a society and traditions like these (and any other tradition for that matter) should be eradicated.

In other news, Chinese traditions also cause some local species of animals to be endangered as they smuggle it out of the country and make aphrodisiacs. Anyway, it seems like China needs another cultural revolution.

P.S. Stay away from our shores, China. [You can never claim our land.]


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