Collective Painting

Every time Tau Gamma Phi celebrates their anniversary, they would invite organizations and SAKBAYAN (the party-alliance in which the fraternity is a member) to participate in the event they call Pintakalye which, when translated, just means street painting. Now, my organization is also a member of the said party alliance and we were given the responsibility of painting the spot dedicated to the alliance.

The more competitive ones...
The more competitive ones…

Of course I love this particular event because aside from showcasing talented visual artists, one can feel the collective spirit of each organizations. Painting alongside us are fellow members of the alliance Umalohokan, Inc. and UPLB Development Communicators’ Society.


In simple activities such as this, one has a front row seat on how many great things an organization can accomplish. Imagine if all organizations would act together against budget cuts and tuition fee increase. I think this is the primary reason why the university administration continues to implement anti-organization policies such as the Org Recognition Policy in which organizations must undergo difficult process just to be able to gain a discount in using university facilities (I must remind everyone that we are a state university).


Organizations are not only here to provide students extracurricular activities, it is also their way of finding their sanctuary during their four (or maybe more) years of college.


UPLB has a rich organization history which I will discuss next time. Simply put, this said history resulted to various victories of the students against repressive policies of the state via the administration — one of which is the reinstatement of the student institutions (the University Student Council and the UPLB Perspective).


All in all, the Pintakalye is always an enjoyable activity (sans the fact that we have a paint shortage and we did it on such short notice) since I joined my organization in my freshman year. Below is Shirley Songalia, chairperson (I think) of SAKBAYAN.

Such dreamy look
Such dreamy look

Lastly, here is Umal.

Umal Again


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